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RELEASED FEBRUARY 16, 2017 - Anker joins forces with fellow musician & producer, Brandon Broderick, on this children's yoga music project by Karuna Lynne Elson (aka "Yoga Girl"). Anker co-wrote all songs and supplies backing vocals, guitar, percussion & production credits. The album's main character ("Swami Cat") teaches kids how to be fully present in the world not overwhelmed by it. Swami Cat & Friends share the tools needed in this world today: humor, stretching, breathing and mindfulness in order to find purrr-fect peace. These fun and informative Youtube videos, books, and live performances / workshops delight those who want to learn more about Yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Meow Is The Time for Yoga CD Titles:

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Swami Cat's Theme

Put Your Hands Together For...

What Do You Do If You Get Upset?

My Yoga Song

What's Wrong Harmony Hippo?

Yoga Dog

The Candle Who Lost her Light

I am All & All Is Me (Sivasana)

Ciao For Now

RELEASED NOVEMBER 6, 2016. Anker's song Dust is featured on the Musicians On A Mission 5th annual compiliation CD with 14 other NJ based acts. Although it is their 5th CD it was released as part of their 6th anniversary celebration in Belmar, NJ. The MOAM mission is to create connection and inspire giving through music. MOAM raises awareness and funds local charitable organizations through planned musical events showcasing New Jersey performers. This CD is available at all MOAM events. Proceeds from the sale of this CD will benefit the Musicians on a Mission Scholarship Fund. For more information about MOAM please click here.
Musicians On A Mission - Volume 5

RELEASED MARCH 18, 2016. The 9th Annual Singer-Songwriter of Cape May was held March 18 -19 2016 at historic Congress Hall and showcase venues in Cape May, NJ.  Anker was invited to return to perform, host his own venue and sit on a seminar panel for succeeding with crowd funding. Anker's song Nowhere is Forever was included on this conference's compiliation CD with 21 other singer-songwriters. This CD is not for sale and was only available at the conference.
Singer-Songwriter CAPE MAY 2016 Compiliation

RELEASED JANUARY 29, 2016. Atomic Sound features 10 original songs written by Anker. Recorded & mastered by Brandon Broderick at "Twelve By Twelve Studios" in East Windsor, NJ between January and September 2015. Atomic Sound provides an unexpected change in Anker's sound with full band arrangements & thicker production than any of his previous work. The writing & song structures are the most aggressive & innovative Anker has presented to his fans. These songs delve into old school country, hints of doo wop, industrial noise surrounded by melodic guitar solos and sing-along rock.

Atomic Sound Song Titles

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Nowhere Is Forever

Off The Rails




Priests, Kings & Saints




Clear The Road


RELEASED MARCH 27, 2015. The 8th Annual Singer-Songwriter of Cape May was held March 27-28, 2015 at historic Congress Hall and showcase venues in Cape May, NJ. Anker's song "Flame" was included on this conference's compilation CD with 17 other singer/songwriters. This CD is not for sale and was only available at the conference.

Singer-Songwriter CAPE MAY 2015 Compilation

RELEASED JANUARY 28, 2014. Washington Crossing was recorded and mastered by Dan Skye at Skylab Studios in Roosevelt, NJ between October and December 2013.

Washington Crossing is the location where George Washington led his troops across the Delaware River on Christmas Day 1776. Anker uses the honor and bravery of this Revolutionary War turning point to draw a stark comparison to today’s struggles of homelessness and corruption.

Washington Crossing Song Titles:

Washington Crossing Cover

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Washington Crossing


Keep the Lightning






RELEASED Aug 7, 2012 - Deliver Down is the organic middle ground between solo-acoustic and a full band. Anker layers his acoustic guitar, a ukulele (and a bass on some tracks) to bring out the hooks and infectious melodies. This album gives Anker the chance to explore his songs and present them with more detail and fuller arrangements without getting lost in the noise of a band which would take away the charm of his acoustic roots.
 Deliver Down Song Titles: 

Deliver Down CD cover

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Should I Ever Come Home

Made For Me

Deliver Down

On The Rails


I & You

A Different Moon


Sorry Days

Desert Sky